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Windows 10 security and control

Explore the security technologies built into Windows 10, learn how to protect your data and devices, and find out how to better control both corporate-owned and user-owned devices.

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Windows 10 security overview
Get a detailed description of the most important security improvements in Windows 10.

Windows 10 security overview

Defend Windows clients from modern threats and attacks with Windows 10 security (1:29:29)
Learn how to stay secure with Windows 10.

Modern security threats

Windows 10 Mobile security guide
Learn about security features you can use to protect your corporate mobile users.

Windows Mobile security

Secured devices

Architectural changes to Windows 10 take advantage of new technologies to help you address security challenges.

Play the video Windows 10 Secure Kernel (43:30)
Learn how Virtual Secure Mode, Isolated User Mode, and Secure Kernel protect against threats like pass-the-hash.
Explore the virtual lab Virtual lab: Deploy Device Guard
Learn how to configure and deploy code integrity policies and enable virtualization-based security.

Identity protection

Learn how easy it is to use, deploy, and manage Windows 10 identity protection solutions.

Play the video Secure Windows apps and Microsoft Edge websites with Windows Hello (1:10:41)
Find out how to implement Windows Hello.
Explore the virtual lab Virtual lab: Deploy Credential Guard
Get hands-on experience with configuring and managing Credential Guard in Windows 10.

Information protection

Explore the information protection features in Windows 10 that give you the comprehensive defense you need for today's security challenges.

Play the video Keep work and personal data separate and secure using Windows Information Protection (53:52)
Learn how to create a trustworthy app that complies with enterprise data policy, while providing a safe experience.
Explore the virtual lab Virtual lab: Deploy Windows Information Protection
Protect your data – learn how to configure and deploy Windows Information Protection (WIP).

Threat resistance

Explore Windows 10 threat resistance technologies that help you detect vulnerabilities and keep your enterprise secure.

Play the video Detect and respond to advanced and targeted attacks with Windows Defender ATP (47:21)
Watch this end-to-end demo that investigates an attack using the Windows Defender ATP portal.
Play the video Microsoft browser security and compatibility internals (1:13:34)
Find out about the security innovations that make Microsoft Edge the ideal browser to use with Windows 10.

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