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Windows 10 application compatibility

Find tools and step-by-step guides to help you discover applications, assess the compatibility of your applications with Windows 10, and address compatibility issues prior to deployment. Need support? Visit the Windows 10 application compatibility forum.

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Windows 10 and application compatibility
Get tips on how to address compatibility in the context of Windows as a service.

Asessing compatibility risk

Get to know Upgrade Readiness (6:12)
Accelerate the upgrade process. Get free insight into app, device, and driver readiness.

Windows Analytics Upgrade Readiness screenshot

Ready for Windows
Search for software solutions that are compatible with and supported on Windows 10.

Ready for Windows website

Identify and prioritize critical applications

Create and maintain a portfolio of the apps and websites used in your organization. Identify duplicates and define supported versions.

Play the video Upgrade Readiness overview
Watch a short demo of the Upgrade Readiness service available as part of Windows Analytics.

Test and validate

Perform structured testing of business-critical applications with users or business owners. Leverage virtual machines.

Play the video Accelerate Windows 10 deployments with Upgrade Readiness
Use this interactive guide to leverage powerful telemetry data and efficiently manage your upgrade process from end to end.

Resolve issues

Determine the best course of action for incompatible apps and drivers.

Play the video Virtual lab: Enterprise Mode
Get hands-on experience with configuring and deploying Enterprise Mode to fix web app compatibility issues.

Utilize compatibility best practices

Learn how to alleviate and reduce compatibility issues moving forward.

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