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getHostEnvironmentValue method

Provides information on the specified characteristic(s) of the user's system. This is a convenience API that bundles relevant host information already exposed through various sources on the Windows system.

Important  This method is only available in Microsoft Edge. It is not supported in Internet Explorer.


var retval = external.getHostEnvironmentValue(name);


name [in]

Type: string (or string array)

The system property to query. One or more of the following values:

Query stringExample value
"browser-name""Microsoft EdgeHTML"
Note  See PLATFORM_POWER_ROLE for the enumeration value key.
"os-manufacturer""Microsoft Corporation"
"os-sku""Enterprise Edition"
Note  See GetProductInfo function for further details.


Return value

Type: DOMString or sequence<DOMString>

The queried property value(s), serialized as JSON key/value pairs


This method will throw an error if called with no parameters and return null if called with one or more non-matching parameters to the list above.

This snippet shows how to query multiple values.

var validItems = [

var allData = JSON.parse(window.external.getHostEnvironmentValue(validItems));

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