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Software Update Services Overview White Paper

Published: January 19, 2004


Keeping Windows-based systems current with the latest updates can be a complicated task for IT administrators. Now with the release of Microsoft Software Update Services (SUS) with integrated Service Pack 1 (SP1), administrators have a simplified and robust tool for deploying and managing critical Windows patches.

This white paper contains an overview of SUS and how it utilizes Windows patches to resolve known security vulnerabilities and stability issues in the Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 operating systems. SUS leverages the successful public Microsoft Windows Update service. Information technology professionals use SUS to configure a virtual Windows Update server in their own Windows-based intranets to service corporate servers and clients.

This white paper is intended for information technology managers who want to understand how SUS operates. This overview presents customer scenarios in which SUS provides solutions for information technology professionals, as well as an overview of the client-side and server-side components.

Included in This Document

  • Introduction
  • The SUS solution
  • Customer scenarios
  • Client-side: Automatic updates
  • Server-side: SUS
  • Related links


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