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Deploying Windows Server 2008

The new features and capabilities of Windows Server 2008 significantly improve security, stability, reliability and availability of the platform, requiring significant changes to the upgrade process. Microsoft recommends customers conduct a clean install of Windows Server 2008 whenever possible.

Microsoft does support upgrade paths in the upgrade process to Windows Server 2008; specific Windows Server 2008 upgrade guidance has been developed when following this approach. The additional information, tools and resources listed here are available to help customers plan their upgrade and deployment to Windows Server 2008.

  1. Where can I find prescriptive guidance on upgrading to Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and Microsoft applications support for Windows Server 2008?
  2. Where do I find which applications, hardware and devices drivers have been certified for Windows Server 2008 and, more importantly, do my application vendors support Windows Server 2008?
    • The comprehensive list of applications, hardware systems and devices that have been certified on Windows Server 2008 can be found in the Windows Server Catalog.
    • The Windows Server Catalog site also contains a list of Ready applications; these represent the breadth of applications our ISVs have pledged their support for on Windows Server 2008. This list only provides customers details on the ISVs, their applications and current support status for Windows Server 2008.


  3. What tools can I use to help me assess, plan and migrate my IT environment to Windows Server 2008?

  5. What tools can I use to determine if my applications or ISV applications will run on the new platform?
    • “Works with” highly automated application will help determine baseline compatibility with Windows Server 2008 in 1 to 4 hours. Any aspects of the application that do not meet baseline compatibility are identified in a detailed summary.
    • “Certified for” wizard-style toolset is more rigorous, and includes additional 80 test cases covering security, availability, reliability, stability and Windows fundamentals. Excellent resource for testing mission-critical line of business applications, and the full test pass requires about 3 to 5 days completing. These tools are the same tools provided to ISVs, which customers can also leverage to test both commercial applications and their own custom developed applications.


  6. Where can I get support and assistance on the tools, guides and resources specific to application compatibility and deployment?