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Server Role Upgrade and Migration Matrix for Windows Server 2012 R2

The grid on this page explains your server role upgrade and migration options. For migration guides, visit Migrating Roles and Features in Windows Server.

For more information about installation and upgrades, see Windows Server Installation, Upgrade, and Migration.

Server roleUpgradeable from Windows Server 2012?Upgradeable from Windows Server 2008 R2?Migration supported?Can migration be completed without downtime?
Active Directory Certificate ServicesYesYesYesNo
Active Directory Domain ServicesYesYesYesYes
Active Directory Federation ServicesNoNoYesNo
Active Directory Lightweight Directory ServicesYesYesYesYes
Active Directory Rights Management ServicesYesYesYesNo
Application ServerYesYesN/A except ASR: Web ServerNo
DHCP ServerYesYesYesYes
DNS ServerYesYesYesNo
Failover ClusterNot while the server is part of a cluster.

Yes, when the server is removed by the cluster for upgrade.
Not while the server is part of a cluster.

Yes, when the server is removed by the cluster for upgrade.
Fax ServerNoNoNoNo
File and Storage ServicesYesYesVaries by subfeatureNo
Network Policy and Access ServicesYesYesYes 
Print and Document ServicesNo, but could be restoredNo, but could be restoredYesNo
Remote AccessYes, for Direct Access and RRASYes, for Direct Access and RRAS for Windows Server 2008 R2YesNo
Remote Desktop ServicesYes, for all subroles, but mixed mode farm is not supportedRDG and RDL onlyYesNo
Volume Activation ServicesYesN/AN/A—no local settingsNo
Web Server (IIS)YesYesYesNo
Windows Deployment ServicesYesYesYesNo
Windows FabricN/A—new featureN/A—new featureN/A—new featureN/A
Windows Server Update ServicesYes, with post-install task required after upgrade. Post-install must be run in serial for WSUS servers sharing a SQL database.NoYesYes
WS Essentials ExperienceN/A—new featureN/A—new featureYesNo