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Windows Server Security

Here you will find security guidance for the Windows Server operating system in general. For security guidance specific to the version of your operating system, see the links on the rightmost side of this webpage under "Product Version Resources."

Featured Enterprise Security MVPs

Photo of Miha Pihler Miha Pihler
Miha Pihler, an independent security consultant, has collaborated on the deployment of firewalls for some of the largest organizations in Slovenia, the setting up of public key infrastructure (PKI), and the design of security policies and secure RSA authentication systems. You can read Miha's blog at


Photo of Denis Batrankov Denis Batrankov
With 18 years of experience in security, Denis Batrankov is Solution Architect for HP TippingPoint. Denis demonstrates practical ways to protect corporate IT systems against emerging IT threats and delivers information about firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, security scanners, deep packet inspections, WEB filtering, and other tools.


Photo of Rodrigo Immaginario Rodrigo Immaginario
Currently the Chief Information Officer at the Universitario Vila Velha in Brazil, Rodrigo Immaginario has worked in the computer science field since 1994, specializing in security solutions for Microsoft environments, including those involving IPsec, Hyper-V, and DirectAccess.


Photo of Dana Epp Dana Epp
Dana Epp researches software security and focuses on strong authentication and identity assurance solutions at Scorpion Software Corp. A computer security software architect, Dana has spent 15 years focusing on software development, with a particular emphasis on security engineering.


Photo of Debra Littlejohn Shinder Debra Littlejohn Shinder
Debra Littlejohn Shinder is a technology trainer, author, and consultant. She is owner and CEO of TACteam, which performs contract work (white papers, marketing material, product documentation, online training courses, etc.) for Microsoft, Sunbelt Software, GFI, Network Engines, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, and 2X Software.


Photo of Dan GriffinDan  Griffin
Dan Griffin is the founder of JW Secure, Inc., and Restorify, LLC. JW Secure is a provider of custom development services to software companies with security-related products and is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. Restorify is a disaster preparedness solution for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) running line of business servers in Hyper-V.

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