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Windows 8 demonstrations

Applies to: Windows 8, Windows 8.1

Watch demonstrations of key Windows 8 features for IT professionals and get help with tutorials on compatibility, device management, migration, deployment, and other common IT tasks.

Featured Demonstration

Windows To Go

Windows To Go is a new feature for enterprise users of Windows 8 that enables users to boot a full version of Windows from external USB drives on host PCs. Learn how the Windows To Go functionality in Windows 8 delivers new possibilities in mobile productivity.

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Watch a demonstration on BitLocker in Windows 8

BitLocker in Windows 8
Learn to use BitLocker in Windows 8 to protect valuable data on easy-to-lose USB drives in less time.

Watch a demonstration on mobile broadband integration in Windows 8

Mobile broadband
Explore the fully integrated mobile broadband connectivity experience in Windows 8.

Watch a demonstration on Secure Boot for Windows 8

Secure Boot
Explore Secure Boot, also referred to as Trusted Boot, a new security feature in Windows 8.

Watch a demonstration of how Storage Spaces work in Windows 8

Storage Spaces
Learn about Storage Spaces, a new technology that enables you to virtualize storage.

Watch a demonstration on VDI imporvements in Windows 8

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
Explore the improvements for VDI in Windows 8 with regard to ease of use, speed, and performance.

Watch a demonstration on how to deploy Windows 8

Windows 8 deployment
Find out how to simplify the deployment of Windows 8 and migrate from earlier versions.

Watch a demonstration of the Windows 8 user interface

Windows 8 tablets for business
See how Windows 8 offers a new user interface that also supports the requirements of IT pros.

Watch a demonstration of Windows To Go

Windows To Go
See how Windows To Go in Windows 8 delivers new possibilities in mobile productivity.

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