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How to Modify Client Configuration by Using Windows PowerShell

Maggie Evans|Última actualización: 19/08/2016
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Applies to: Windows 10, version 1607

Use the following procedure to configure the App-V client configuration.

  1. To configure the client settings using Windows PowerShell, use the Set-AppvClientConfiguration cmdlet. For more information about installing Windows PowerShell, and a list of cmdlets see, How to Load the Windows PowerShell Cmdlets for App-V and Get Cmdlet Help.

  2. To modify the client configuration, open a Windows PowerShell Command prompt and run Set-AppvClientConfiguration with any required parameters. For example:

    $config = Get-AppvClientConfiguration

    Set-AppcClientConfiguration $config

    Set-AppcClientConfiguration –Name1 MyConfig –Name2 “xyz”

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