Windows Assessment Services Cmdlets in Windows PowerShell

Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1

Windows PowerShell® es un lenguaje de scripting y shell de línea de comandos basado en tareas diseñado especialmente para la administración del sistema. En este tema de referencia para los profesionales de tecnologías de la información (TI) ofrece ayuda en el uso de los cmdlets de Windows PowerShell para crear scripts y automatizar las tareas.

Windows Assessment Services (WAS)

is a test framework used to automate running assessments. These assessments measure performance, reliability, and functionality on multiple computers in a lab environment. A subset of the functionality is available in PowerShell cmdlets. These cmdlets can be used to initiate jobs, change evaluation assets, monitor test computers, and customize failure or completion actions. To create and modify job settings, use the .

At least PowerShell 3.0 is required to use the PowerShell cmdlets.

The PowerShell module is not imported into Windows PowerShell automatically. You need to import the module manually before you can use the cmdlets it exports.

To import the module, on the server where is installed, open the Windows PowerShell prompt and type:

Import-Module "${env:ProgramFiles(x86)}\Windows Kits\8.1\Assessment and Deployment Kit\Windows Assessment Toolkit\Windows Assessment Services\waspsext.psd1"

You must import the module into each session in which you want to use it. To import the module into every Windows PowerShell session, add the command to import the module to your AllUsers-AllHosts profile ($Profile.AllUsersAllHosts). For more information about this procedure, see about_Profiles.


Cmdlet Description


Gets a list of available assessments.


Gets a list of available test computers.


Gets a list of Windows images.


Gets a list of the available jobs.


Gets a list of job instances.


Gets the current status of a job instance.


Creates and runs a job instance.


Imports a Windows image into inventory.


Drops a computer from all running job instances.


Releases a hold on a test computer, and continues with the next action.


Drops a computer from the running job instance.


Cancels the specified job instance.


Adds assets and assessments to a specified job.

To list all the cmdlets that are available, use the Get-Command –Module WasPSExt cmdlet.

Para conocer más información o la sintaxis de cualquiera de los cmdlets, use el cmdlet Get-Help <nombre de cmdlet>, donde <nombre de cmdlet> es el nombre del cmdlet del que quiere información. Para obtener información más detallada, puede ejecutar cualquiera de los siguientes cmdlets:

Get-Help <nombre de cmdlet> -Detailed
Get-Help <nombre de cmdlet> -Examples
Get-Help <nombre de cmdlet> -Full

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