Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1


Gets system information about this StorSimple device.


Get-HcsSystem [ <CommonParameters>]

Descripción detallada

The Get-HcsSystem cmdlet gets system information about this StorSimple device. The information returned includes the model type, software version, serial number, and time zone.



Este cmdlet admite los siguientes parámetros comunes: -Verbose, -Debug, -ErrorAction, -ErrorVariable, -OutBuffer y -OutVariable. Para obtener más información, consulte about_CommonParameters (


El tipo de entrada es el tipo de los objetos que se pueden canalizar al cmdlet.


El tipo de resultado es el tipo de objetos que emite el cmdlet.

  • Microsoft.HCS.Management.Platform.Support.SystemInfo

    The SystemInfo object has the following properties:

    -- Guid InstanceId
    -- String Name
    -- String Model
    -- String SerialNumber
    -- TimeZoneInfo TimeZone
    -- ControllerId CurrentController
    -- ControllerId ActiveController
    -- ControllerStatus Controller0Status
    -- ControllerStatus Controller1Status
    -- SystemMode @SystemMode
    -- Version HcsSoftwareVersion
    -- Version ApiVersion
    -- Version VhdVersion
    -- Version OSVersion
    -- UInt64 Capacity
    -- RemoteManagementMode RemoteManagementMode

    The ControllerId enumeration has the following values:

    -- Unknown = controller_id.CONTROLLER_ID_UNKNOWN
    -- None = controller_id.CONTROLLER_ID_NONE
    -- Controller0 = controller_id.CONTROLLER_ID_A
    -- Controller1 = controller_id.CONTROLLER_ID_B

    The ControllerStatus enumeration has the following values:

    -- Normal
    -- Recovery
    -- Unreachable

    The SystemMode enumeration has the following values:

    -- Normal
    -- Maintenance
    -- Decommissioned

    The RemoteManagementMode enumeration has the following values:

    -- HttpsAndHttpEnabled = 0
    -- HttpsEnabled = 1
    -- Disabled = 2


Example 1: Get StorSimple information

This command gets information about your StorSimple instance.

PS C:\> Get-HcsSystem

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