Mobile Client: Push Notification Configuration


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To configure the Microsoft push notifications and Apple push notifications , you must create a policy to define which types of push notification you require.

On the main configuration screen, you can click Refresh to refresh and re-populate the list of policies. A search box is provided for narrowing the list of displayed policies. As you type the name that you are searching for, the list of policies narrows automatically.

La configuración de directiva que se aplica en un nivel de directiva puede invalidar la configuración que se aplica en otro nivel de directiva. La precedencia de directiva es esta: la directiva de usuario (de mayor influencia) invalida una directiva de sitio, y una directiva de sitio invalida una directiva global (de menor influencia). Esto significa que, cuanto más cercana es la configuración de directiva al objeto al que la directiva afecta, mayor es la influencia que ejerce sobre el objeto.

Two selections are available for policy creation and editing:

  1. New : Click to create a new policy. You must provide a site for the policy to apply to. You then configure the settings for the push notification. For Push Notification Configuration , you can only create policies for Sites that you have already created.

  2. Edit : Select a policy and click Edit to select an action from a drop-down. You can only edit sites that you have already created or edit the Global policy:

    • Show details… : Displays information about the currently selected policy. You will be able to make changes to the existing policy.

    • Select all : If you have a number of policies and need to select all policies, click Select all

    • Delete : Will remove the selected policy. Using Select all and Delete will remove all policies

      You cannot delete the default Global policy. If you attempt to delete it, you will be notified that the Global policy has been returned to the default values (that is, all settings are cleared), but the policy cannot be removed.

Creating a new policy or editing an existing policy is associated with two actions:

  • Commit    The commit action creates or updates the policy and saves the changes

  • Cancel    The cancel action discards any changes that have been made since the last commit action. If you cancel, any changes made will be lost.

Two settings are possible for Push Notification Configuration . The settings are associated with the push notification services for Microsoft and for Apple. You enable push notification for either service by selecting the check box next to the name of the service. You can clear the check box by selecting it to clear it. Once you have made your selections, you either commit or cancel. Clicking commit will save the changes to the policy.