Users: View Persistent Chat


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Members of the CsPersistentChatAdministrator role (Chat persistente Administrators) can grant chat room manager rights and permissions to other users and to themselves.

A Chat persistente Administrator can do the following:

  • Create room categories and chat rooms.

  • Set the membership of all categories and chat rooms.

  • Manage all settings of all categories and chat rooms.

  • Enable or disable policy for Servidor de chat persistente.

  • Set and manage configuration settings on a Grupo de servidores de chat persistente.

For details, see Agregar un administrador de chat persistente en Lync Server 2013 in the Deployment documentation.

You can perform the following tasks on the Users: View Persistent Chat page:

Para más detalles sobre los distintos procedimientos que puede llevar a cabo desde el Panel de control de Skype Empresarial Server, mire Administrar Skype Empresarial Server 2015.