Add Front End Web Services


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The base URL is the Web Services identity for the URL, minus the https://. For example, if the full URL for the Web Services of the pool is, the base URL is

You cannot override the internal Web Services pool fully qualified domain name (FQDN) for a Standard Edition server. If you are configuring Domain Name System (DNS) load balancing for an Enterprise Edition Front End pool, you can specify a different internal base URL, which must be different from the pool FQDN (for example, internal-<your base URL>).

You can specify an external base URL that is different it from your internal base URL to differentiate domain naming. For example, your internal domain is, but your external domain name is You would define the external base URL using the domain name. This is important for reverse proxy servers for an edge deployment. The external base URL domain name should be the same as the domain name of the FQDN of the reverse proxy. Instant messaging and presence requires HTTP access to the Front End pool.