Topology Builder Startup Dialog


Última modificación del tema:2012-09-29

You start Generador de topologías to configure the properties and configuration of your Microsoft Lync Server 2013 deployment. On startup, Generador de topologías displays a dialog that asks what the source of the topology document will be. You select one of three options:

  • Download Topology from existing deployment Select this option if you have run Generador de topologías and have successfully published your topology to the Servidor de administración central. This option requests and downloads a local copy of the current configuration, allowing you to edit and configure the existing deployment.

  • Open Topology from a local file Select this option if you are configuring a deployment but have not yet published the configuration. This option allows you to save a local copy of the configuration work in Generador de topologías and come back to it at a later time.

  • New Topology Select this option to begin the configuration of a new topology document. This option opens a new topology document that you configure to meet the requirements for the deployment that you will configure.

Cuadro de diálogo de inicio del Generador de topologías