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Exchange Queue & A

Henrik Walther
Configuring Exchange hybrid deployments with Office 365-related functionality can be confusing at best, but it’s worth the effort.
Henrik Walther
There are several considerations when upgrading to the new Exchange 2013, whether the on-premises or online version.
Henrik Walther
You’ll have some decisions to make when moving e-mail from on-premises to a cloud-based environment such as Exchange Online.
Henrik Walther
There are work-arounds in Microsoft Exchange when you need to do things such as disable SSL 2.0 or resolve sync issues.
Henrik Walther
There are many ways to work around automation, mailbox sharing and consolidation issues in Exchange.
Henrik Walther, Georg Hinterhoffer
This month, our regular Exchange Queue & A columnist is joined by a guest contributor to resolve your most vexing Exchange issues.
Henrik Walther
Managing the migration process is always an issue. There are several ways to better streamline and control the process.
Henrik Walther
Sharing mailboxes and data across forests is possible, but it requires some fancy configuration footwork.
Henrik Walther
Whether you’re changing default calendar days, datacenter endpoints or redirecting servers, you always have to be ready to make changes to Exchange.
Henrik Walther
Connection concerns, managing a fleet of mobile devices, SAN list limits and Exchange grouping are on the minds of this month’s readers.
Henrik Walther
When migrating from one group to another, updates aren’t always automatic, nor are they always desired.
Henrik Walther
Replication, configuration, and migration continue to be on the minds of Exchange administrators.
Henrik Walther
There seem to be a lot of companies still using Exchange 2003, which can be quite cost-effective, but you may run into certain compatibility issues.
Henrik Walther
Using database availability groups is a great idea, especially because you can copy and store them in multiple locations—but mind the addressing issues.
Henrik Walther
The first service pack for Exchange Server 2010 is scheduled for official release later this year, but it’s already generating lots of questions and comments.
Henrik Walther
Moving mailboxes from one domain server to another or even across AD forests top the questions for this month's Exchange Queue & A.
Henrik Walther
Henrik Walther gives an in-depth look at creating and configuring server roles and CAS arrays to avoid conflicts.
Henrik Walther
Henrik answers reader email about using Exchange 2003/2007 in an Exchange 2010 environment and discusses changes that Exchange 2010 brings to cross-forest mailbox moves.
Henrik Walther
Henrik Walther digs into database availability, archiving and performance improvements planned in Exchange Server 2010.
Henrik Walther
Are there new high-availability features in Exchange 2010? Is administration any easier? Has the Extensible Storage Engine been replaced? And what’s new with Outlook Web Access? Henrik Walther answers these questions and more.
Henrik Walther
Should you deploy CCR-based mailbox servers in a multi-subnet environment? Can you determine the maximum latency for Outlook clients running in cached mode? Get answers to these Exchange Server questions and more.
Henrik Walther
Why do attachment sizes increase when sending and receiving e-mail messages? How can you ensure databases on a passive node in a CCR cluster are defragmented during online maintenance? Can you use an external trust between forests? We answer these questions and more.
Henrik Walther
Have Exchange questions? We've got answers. This month, Henrik Walther looks at configuring Windows Server 2008 to work with Outlook Anywhere, testing remote connectivity, deploying standby continuous replication, and more.
Henrik Walther
In the September 2008 installment of Exchange Queue & A, we answer questions about calculating the number of Global Catalog servers you'll need, changing a server's site membership, and more.
Henrik Walther
Have questions about Exchange? In this installment, we answer questions about using Exchange with SharePoint, working with standby continuous replication, installing Exchange 2007 Mailbox servers on Windows Server 2008, and more.
Nino Bilic
In this installment, we provide answers to your questions about Exchange Server 2007 SP1.
Seema Rahman
Have questions about Exchange Unified Messaging? We've got answers. In this installment of Exchange Queue & A, we focus on Unified Messaging, discussing how you can implement phone and fax features, offer high availability, set up voice prompts, and more.
Nino Bilic and Scott Landry
In this month's installment, the Exchange team discusses Transport Layer Security for SMTP, how to prevent spoofed NDRs from clogging up your queues, and how to tackle various installation challenges.
KC Lemson and Nino Billic
Learn how you can use message journaling to monitor e-mail in your company, find out if Office 2003 users can use Unified Messaging, examine storage options for your Exchange 2007 implementation, get answers about connecting to Exchange 2007 with older versions of Outlook, and more.
KC Lemson and Nino Bilic
Find out how the Edge and Hub Transport server roles differ, take a look at how the setup process has changed for Exchange 2007, find and read the setup logs, and more.
KC Lemson and Nino Bilic
Learn how to manage OWA timeout rules with the Exchange Management Shell, take a close look at .pst files, explore new Exchange 2007 security groups, and more.
KC Lemson and Nino Bilic
Find out how and why transaction logs have changed in Exchange Server 2007, discover new ways to manage your Exchange servers remotely, get a crash course in using cmdlets to manage Exchange from a command prompt, and more.