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Security for IT Pros

Microsoft Bounty Programs Expansion – Azure and Project Spartan
I am excited to announce significant expansions to the Microsoft Bounty Programs. We are evolving the 'Online Services Bug Bounty, launching a ne... lisää
keskiviikko, huhti 22 MSRC Team
April 2015 Updates
Today, as part of Update Tuesday, we released 11 security bulletins. We encourage customers to apply all of these updates. For more information about ... lisää
tiistai, huhti 14 MSRC Team
MSRT April: Unskal, Saluchtra, Dexter and IeEnablerCby
This month we added four new malware families to the Malicious Software Removal Tool: Win32/Saluchtra, Win32/Dexter, Win32/Unskal and Win32/IeEnabler... lisää
tiistai, huhti 14 msft-mmpc