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ITMU Revision 3 Frequently Asked Questions

Published: November 2, 2006

A. Microsoft is releasing an update to ITMU to enable customers to use the new scan catalog format being released for Windows and Microsoft Update. This version will also contain several improvements related to scan performance.

A.The file has grown with each new security release. Now, it is approaching the maximum number of files that can be included in a single CAB file. Microsoft is upgrading the internal format of the CAB file to resolve this issue. Starting in November of 2006, customers will begin to see older content being removed from the old catalog as new updates are added to keep the number of files to under the limit. To avoid this and to keep the catalog complete a new catalog is being created.

A.Previous versions of ITMU leverage the current catalog, The new version of ITMU will leverage the new catalog, uses a different format than and avoids the 64,000 files limitation that has.

A.ITMU will need to be upgraded on the SMS site server. Clients will need to get an updated Windows Update Agent (WUA). During the installation of the updated ITMU, the client packaging for the updated WUA is created for customers to help streamline the process.

A.The most recent version of ITMU is version 2.5.3616. To check what version you currently have installed, open the Systems Management Server Administrator Console. Right-click the Site Database node, select About Systems Management Server …, choose Versions>> and then scroll down in the Version Information box until you see SMS 2003 Inventory Tool for Microsoft Updates(Admin UI).

A.When the new file is released, the existing Windows Update offline scan file will continue to be updated whenever new security bulletins are released. However, older updates will be removed, over time, from each subsequently-published version of the file. This will be done so that the file stays within the size limits. After March 2007 the existing scan file will no longer be maintained, and new updates can only be obtained from the new catalog. The new version of ITMU will be the way that SMS customers take advantage of this new catalog.

A.Microsoft encourages customers to upgrade to the new ITMU as soon as possible. However, after March 2007 customers could be at risk of not having the most recent security updates if they do not upgrade. Microsoft cannot guarantee the completeness of the old catalog due to the file limitations.

A.Legacy scan tools, such as the Systems Management Server 2003 Service Pack 1 Scan Tools and the SMS Extended Security Update Inventory Tool, continue to be a functional set of software update scan tools; customers are highly encouraged to migrate to the most recent software update scan tool for SMS: ITMU. ITMU fully supports the wide range of Windows and Microsoft update service packs, update rollups and security updates for all languages of clients and servers. It is also the only software update scan tool that supports upcoming Microsoft products like Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Vista. Going forward, ITMU is the software update scan tool of choice for Systems Management Server.


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