Video demos and training for Office SharePoint Server 2007

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The following table contains links to all Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 video demos that are intended for IT professionals.


Title Description Date

Enterprise Search Module 1: Workshop Overview (

The introductory presentation of 14 recorded videos that are based on training modules from three-day, in-person training sessions. The presentations provide details about key enterprise search capabilities in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

April 2008

Enterprise Search Module 2: Enterprise Search Overview (

The second of the 14 enterprise search sessions explains the basics of enterprise search capabilities of Office SharePoint Server 2007. The major topics include:

  • Microsoft Enterprise Search

  • Client-side Search components

  • Server-side Search platform

  • Key differences between Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0.

  • Key features in Microsoft Search Server 2008

April 2008

Enterprise Search Module 3: SharePoint Search 2007 Walkthrough (

This session, third in a series of 14, explains more details about how Office SharePoint Server 2007 can make search possible in a large organization. The major topics include:

  • End-user improvements

  • Administration improvements

  • Performance improvements

April 2008

Module 13: Performance Scalability and Capacity Planning for Search (

Watch this presentation to learn about how search solutions can affect performance, and how to plan for a high-performing deployment. The major topics include:

  • Performance

  • Scalability

  • Capacity planning

April 2008


Title Description Date

Démonstration  : configurer un site SharePoint Server 2007 pour la réception de courrier électronique

Shows how to enable incoming e-mail in Central Administration and on a list.

May 2007

Enterprise Search Module 4: Search Architecture and Deployment Scenarios (

Watch this presentation to learn how to plan for the different ways search solutions can be implemented. The major topics include:

  • Search topologies

  • Logical and physical building blocks

April 2008

Enterprise Search Module 5: Crawl and Query Processes (

This video is the fifth of 14 videos about search and explains the mechanics of crawling and querying.

April 2008

Enterprise Search Module 6: Relevance Ranking (

In this presentation, learn about how search results are ranked. The major topics include:

  • Relevance

  • Ranking

  • Best practices to optimize relevance

April 2008

Enterprise Search Module 7: Customizing the End-User Experience (

Watch this video to find out more about changing the way the search interface is presented to users. The major topics include:

  • The Search end-user experience

  • Demonstration of customizing Search

  • People Search

April 2008

Enterprise Search Module 8: Developing Search Solutions (

This presentation is the eight in a series of 14. It covers information about customizing search for your organization. The major topics include:

  • Scenarios for extending Search

  • Query index

  • Query object model

  • Query Web service

  • Application object model

April 2008

Enterprise Search Module 9: Business Data Catalog Search (

Learn how search interacts with the Business Data Catalog. The major topics include:

  • Definition of the Business Data Catalog

  • Indexing process

  • Enabling Business Data Catalog Search

April 2008

Enterprise Search Module 10: Extensibility and Integration for Search (

Watch this presentation to learn how search works with other programs and systems. The major topics include:

  • Crawl process review

  • Protocol handlers

  • IFilters and file types

  • Full and incremental crawls

April 2008


Title Description Date

Demo: Prepare to back up Office SharePoint Server 2007

Shows how to create and set the required permissions on a backup location that you can use for backing up Office SharePoint Server 2007 using the built-in tools.

January 2008

Démonstration : sauvegarder et restaurer des batteries de serveurs et des collections de sites à l’aide des outils intégrés

Several tools are available to back up Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. This demo focuses on the built-in tools, which are the stsadm command-line tool and the Perform a Backup page in Central Administration.

March 2008

Démonstration : déployer un modèle de formulaire approuvé par l’administrateur

Steps you through the process an IT administrator can use to verify, upload, and activate an administrator-approved form template on a Office SharePoint Server 2007 site.

May 2007

Démonstration : ajouter une bibliothèque à un site du centre des enregistrements

Shows the process for adding a library to an existing Record Center, applying policies to the library, and configuring the Records Center site so that submitted documents are routed to the right library.

May 2007

Démonstration : activer Excel Services et les connexions de données pour un site d’équipe SharePoint

Shows you the basic steps for enabling Services Excel dans Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 for a document library, such as adding the document and data connection libraries to the list of trusted file locations, and creating a data connection to a data provider in Services Excel dans Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

May 2007

Enterprise Search Module 11: Search Administration (

Watch this presentation, the 11th of 14 in the series, to learn the basics of managing search features. The major topics include:

  • Administrative architecture

  • Search usage reporting

  • Administrative tools

April 2008

Enterprise Search Module 12: Security for Search (

This video provides information about security considerations for implementing search features, and how security settings affect search. The major topics include:

  • Security trimming in Search results

  • Securing the Search Service in Office SharePoint Server 2007

  • Form-based authenticated Web sites

April 2008

Enterprise Search Module 14: Search Operations (

This presentation is the final video in the enterprise search series. It covers the specific administrator tasks necessary to maintain your search deployment. The major topics include:

  • Performance counters

  • Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 management pack

  • Server role redundancy

  • Backup and restore

April 2008

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