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Communauté des professionnels de l'informatique dédiée à la sécurité

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Communauté des professionnels de l'informatique dédiée à la sécurité

Lawrence Abrams - Consumer Security
Over the years Lawrence had noted a lack of web sites devoted to teaching beginning computer concepts to the novice user. This led him to develop his web site,, where he teaches the basic concepts of computing, Windows, Internet, and ... plus
Nancy Altholz - Consumer Security
Nancy volunteers and assists in malware removal at several online security forums as negster22 or negster generally under the title of Security Expert. She initially began contributing at Castlecops Security Professionals (CCSP) as a self taught Malware Re... plus
Kathie Armstrong - Consumer Security
Better known as simply Kat online, I stay very active in the anti-malware community. My primary "home" is, where I am a GeekU teacher, helping new trainees learn to effectively remove malware. I am also an Admin for Over the pas... plus
Pieter Arntz - Consumer Security
aka Metallica. Specialized in the removal of hijackers, spy- and adware and actively helping on several security-boards. Is a list-editor for several of the lists most helpers use to analyze those HijackThis logs. Helps to train new spyware-fighters. Creat... plus
Dominick Baier - Developer Security
Dominick Baier is an internationally recognized expert for security of .NET and Windows applications. He supports companies worldwide with design and implementation of security features in their software as a security consultant at thinktecture (www.thinkt... plus
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