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Deliver a Private Cloud

Delivering a private cloud requires designing and implementing the capabilities defined in the Private Cloud Reference Architecture (PCRA).  This is discussed in detail in the Plan section of this series, and it’s recommended that you read it before reading the content in this section.  Guidance in the Design section below helps you determine which design options for each private cloud capability will be most appropriate given the unique requirements of your organization.  Guidance in the Implementation section details reference implementations and implementation guidance that you can use to implement a private cloud solution.

Designing for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

This section contains guidance that first maps relevant Microsoft products and technologies to capabilities discussed in the PCRA.  From there, you can reference further guidance for designing a private cloud with Microsoft products and technologies.

Implementing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Once all the planning and design work is complete, you can use the guidance below to help you implement your private cloud or to purchase a pre-configured hardware appliance that provides the infrastructure capabilities, as well as other capabilities detailed in the systems management, operations, and service delivery layers of the Private Cloud Reference Model.