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How to Apply the User Configuration File by Using Windows PowerShell

Maggie Evans|Dernière mise à jour: 31/08/2016
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Applies to: Windows 10, version 1607

The dynamic user configuration file is applied when a package is published to a specific user and determines how the package will run.

Use the following procedure to specify a user-specific configuration file. The following procedure is based on the example:


To apply a user Configuration file

  1. To add the package to the computer using the Windows PowerShell console, type the following command:

    Add-AppVClientPackage c:\Packages\Contoso\MyApp.appv

  2. Use the following command to publish the package to the user and specify the updated the dynamic user configuration file:

    Publish-AppVClientPackage $pkg -DynamicUserConfigurationPath c:\Packages\Contoso\config.xml

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