Planifier du contenu et des sites personnalisés

SharePoint 2007

Mise à jour : 2009-02-26

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Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 enables users to easily share information about themselves and their work. This sharing of information encourages collaboration, builds and promotes expertise, and targets relevant content to the people who need to see it. You can tailor content to each user in any organization, while enabling administrators to set policies to protect privacy.

These features are built upon a database of properties that integrates data about people from many kinds of business applications and directory services.

Good understanding and planning of personalization features is crucial for creating effective Office SharePoint Server 2007 applications.

Plan for people and user profiles

Profile Services is the shared service for people and personalization features. Profile Services connects to databases of information about people from various sources, and integrates that information into user profiles that are the basis for powerful personalization features. Planning for people and user profiles includes:

  • Planning connections to Profile Services.

  • Planning user profiles.

  • Planning personalization features.

  • Planning policies.

  • Planning to find people.

  • Using the People, profiles, and policies worksheet (

For more information about planning for people and user profiles, see Planifier les personnes et les profils utilisateur.

Plan for audiences

You use audiences to target content to the users who most need to see it, based on properties, organizational relationships, distribution lists, or SharePoint groups. Planning for audiences includes:

For more information about planning for audiences, see Planifier les audiences.

Plan for personalized Web Parts

You use personalized Web Parts to provide personalized content to sites and Web pages, starting with My Sites. Different Web Parts target content in different ways. Planning for personalized Web Parts includes:

  • Planning for public profile Web Parts.

  • Planning for personal site Web Parts.

  • Planning for personalization site Web Parts.

  • Planning additional Web Parts for My Site.

  • Planning for personalized Web Parts on other sites.

For more information about planning for personalized Web Parts, see Planifier des composants WebPart personnalisés.

Plan for My Sites

My Sites are special SharePoint sites that are personalized for each user. SharePoint sites have three distinct views: a public profile anyone can see, a personal site for each person for document storage and easy collaboration, and a unified experience linking to all personalization sites for that person. Planning for My Sites includes:

  • Using My Site templates.

  • Activating the My Site feature.

  • Planning My Site policies.

  • Planning for personalization sites.

For more information about planning for My Sites and the many kinds of personalized sites, see Planifier les sites Mon site.

Managing social networking

Social networking as a concept involves the ability for a technology platform to provide enhanced information and interaction capabilities with regard to people and resources. Social networking features include:

  • My sites

  • Colleagues Web Part

  • Colleague Tracker Web Part

  • SharePoint Sites, Links and Membership Web Parts

  • In Common With Web Part

  • Presence Information

For more information about managing social networks, see Livre blanc : gestion de réseau social avec Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

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