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Mise à jour : 2008-04-03

Read excerpts from the Wrox Press book, Professional Excel Services.

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Professional Excel Services is a unique resource that helps you discover how to unlock the power behind Excel Services in order to effectively utilize server-side spreadsheet calculation and rendering. It walks you through all programming aspects of Excel Services, covering everything from APIs to user-defined functions (UDF). You’ll quickly gain a strong understanding of Excel Services, how to work with it, and how to develop applications that use its robust features.



Shahar Prish (Redmond, WA) is originally from Tel-Aviv, Israel, and had always dreamed of becoming a Microsoft employee. He worked for a company that developed data visualization applications over Microsoft online analytical processing (OLAP) services, and Microsoft eventually purchased the company. Microsoft extended job offers to the original employees, and several months later the company shipped Max 3.0, which was rebranded as Microsoft Data Analyzer. After that, Shahar and his family moved from Tel-Aviv to Redmond to work for Microsoft. A few months before work began on the Microsoft Office 2007 rollout, the concept of an Excel Services server started to form, and Shahar was moved to work specifically on that product development. Throughout the past five years, Shahar has worked with some of the best and the brightest to develop the first version of the revolutionary Excel Services. He provides information and previews of Excel Services through his blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/cumgranosalis.