In-Place Hold and Litigation Hold Reports


Dernière rubrique modifiée : 2014-08-13

You can run an In-Place eDiscovery & Hold report and a per-mailbox Litigation Hold report from the Exchange Admin Center (EAC). These reports provide details about In-Place Hold and Litigation Hold activity during the reporting period. For example, if a mailbox in placed on In-Place Hold or removed from hold are audited events included in the reports.

These reports are created by querying admin audit log entries. By default, admin audit logs are retained for 90 days.

Here’s how you can use Remote PowerShell to generate reports of all mailboxes on Litigation Hold or In-Place Hold.

You use the Get-MailboxSearch cmdlet to retrieve mailboxes on a specified In-Place Hold.

Get-MailboxSearch "Contoso-Hold1" | Format-List SourceMailboxes

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