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Lync 2013 Qualification Program

Microsoft tests and qualifies devices, infrastructure components, online solutions, services, and solutions provided by third party companies for interoperability with Microsoft Lync Server and clients.

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  2. ISV partners (applications) program info
  3. Infrastructure & services program info
  4. Phones and devices program info
  5. Video interoperability program info
  6. Lync Online Dedicated program info


The qualification programs for enterprise telephony services and infrastructure ensure that customers have seamless experiences with setup, support, and use of qualified telephony infrastructure and services with Microsoft's unified communications software including Lync Server and Exchange Server.

Only products that meet rigorous and extensive testing requirements and conform to the specifications and test plans will receive qualification.

While the specifications are based on industry standards, the programs also define:

  • Specific requirements for interoperability with Lync Server & Exchange Server Voice Mail
  • Testing requirements for qualifying interoperability with Lync Server & Exchange Server Voice Mail
  • Installation, set-up and configuration requirements via a Quick Start Guide
  • Release Notes with any known issues
  • Documented support process between Microsoft and the vendor
  • Enterprise-class standards for audio quality, reliability, and scalability

The scope of the qualification is for environments in which Lync Server utilizes a Survivable Branch Appliance, SIP/PSTN Gateway, IP-PBX or SIP Trunking Service for communication with the PSTN or E-911 Service provider for communication with emergency services.

The testing focus of the program is designed to ensure that vendors providing interoperability with Microsoft unified communications solutions do so in a consistent and supportable manner, including SIP and signaling support used with the Mediation Service in Lync Server and the Voice Mail role of Exchange Server.

ISV partners in product integration

The Lync Partner Engineering ISV team works with many partners to provide a wide range of applications that are qualified for Lync in categories that include:

  • Compliance
  • Contact Center
  • Communications Enabled Business Processes (CEBP)
  • Communications Applications
  • Group Chat (persistent chat)
  • Call Recording
  • Quality of Experience
  • Billing and Reporting
  • Alerting (mass notifications)
  • Value-add Lync Experience solutions

Infrastructure programs

Infrastructure in the UC Open Interoperability Program involves enterprise components including SIP/PSTN gateways, Survivable Branch Appliances, Session Border Controllers, and IP-PBXs, along with hardware and software load balancers.

Service providers qualified with Microsoft Lync offer IP Telephony and E911 Services that interoperate with Lync. IP Telephony Services, also known as SIP Trunking, are offered by telecommunication carriers and provide PSTN ingress and egress for Lync deployments, Direct Inward Dial (DID) numbers and other value-added services. E911 Service providers provide Lync customers in North America the ability to have emergency dialing include dynamic location information sent directly over the SIP Trunking connection used for PSTN connectivity, and relay that information to the relevant Public Safety Access Point per the end-user's location.

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Devices programs

  Skype Certified devices coming soon!

The Compatible Devices Program tests and qualifies phones, headsets and handsets, webcams, conference room devices, PCs and other devices for Lync.

The Compatible Devices Program has 2 levels:

  • 'Optimized for' - IP phones, headsets, conference room systems and other devices that offer a rich and integrated experience giving customers the power to get the most out of their Lync experience and return on investment.
  • Other compatible IP phones - IP phones tested to provide interoperability and quality of experience registering directly to Lync.

For non-windows clients Microsoft recommends that you evaluate the USB consumer product lines offered by the device manufacturers that are part of the Compatible Devices Program. IP phones can also be used in non-windows based environments, excluding the PC pairing functionalities.

Video interoperability program

The Lync Video Interoperability Program qualifies video devices for Lync interoperability in the following three types of video solutions:

  • Video teleconference (VTC) - A video endpoint registers directly with Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 and Microsoft Lync Server 2010 and provides a seamless user experience so that Lync users can connect to the VTC systems as if it were another contact. The VTC system will appear with presence information and allow user to one click initiate video calls to the VTC.
  • Multipoint control unit (MCU) -A multipoint control unit allows for multi-party conferencing by providing users the use of virtual room or video bridge where multiple parties can connect and conduct video conferencing. These virtual rooms/video bridges will appear in the OCS and Lync contact list to allow those users to connect and participate in multiparty video calls.
  • Gateway (GW) - A gateway allows connection with different network and provides Microsoft Lync access to different protocols to make video calls. Microsoft Lync uses SIP for signaling and H.263 and RTVideo as the video codec. Gateways provide access to other protocols such as H.323, H.261 and H.264. ‘Optimized for’ – IP phones, headsets, conference room systems and other devices that offer a rich and integrated experience giving customers the power to get the most out of their Lync experience and return on investment.

Online Dedicated programs

Customers who have deployed Lync through Lync Online Dedicated can find additional information about the specific interoperability scenarios available for their deployment on the Lync Online Dedicated page, including Session Border Controllers, IP Telephony Service Providers and Video Solutions.  These products have undergone additional testing for specific interoperability needs with Lync Online Dedicated.

Interested in becoming an infrastructure, service, device, or application provider partner?

If you provide...Then see...Or email to introduce yourself or ask questions
Infrastructure components or services Vendor process for Lync Open Interoperability programs OPEINFDL
Audio or video devices Compatible Devices Program LyncLogo
OPEMOBDL if you develop mobile solutions
Video solutions Lync Video Interoperability Program

If you are a potential ISV partner, our team seeks out partners who are best of breed and who offer compelling solutions for Microsoft Lync Server and Unified Communications. Email our team at LyncISV to introduce your company and obtain more specifics.


Qualified for Lync

Certified Support Partners

Lync Certified Support Partners lists certified support partners.

Lync Certified Support Partners:

  • Are highly skilled
  • Have a Microsoft Gold Communications Competency
  • Have met all of the annual training and certification criteria in the Microsoft Premier Support for Lync Partners program.


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