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Branch Office

This page provides links to the features and prescriptive guidance designed to help IT pros design and optimize branch office infrastructure to drive efficiency, better management, and enhanced security for branch offices.

Get Started

Getting started with Branch Office

Get Started

  • Download the Branch Office Infrastructure Solutions v3 (BOISv3) Getting Started Guide. (As of 6/2/2016, this download is no longer available.)
Evaluate and plan Branch Office

Evaluate and Plan

  • Download the BOISv3 Architecture Guide to determine which Branch Office Architecture best fits your needs. (As of 6/2/2016, this download is no longer available.)
Deploy Branch Office


  • Download the BOISv3 Service Design Guides to help you plan and deploy services to your Branch Office. (As of 6/2/2016, this download is no longer available.)

Featured Resources

Branch Office Technologies

The following technologies are the most useful and popular for the branch office scenario.


  • BranchCache Technical Overview
    Download only. Provides an overview of BranchCache in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. (As of 6/2/2016, this download is no longer available.)
  • BranchCache Learning Roadmap
    For IT pros new to BranchCache. Identifies what you need to learn to fully understand how to deploy and troubleshoot BranchCache. A downloadable version is also available.
  • BranchCache Deployment Guide
    Shows how to deploy BranchCache in distributed cache mode or hosted cache mode, as well as in three types of content servers.

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Read-only domain controllers

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  • Virtualization with Hyper-V
    Overview on how to optimize your server hardware by, for example, consolidating multiple server roles as virtual machines on a single physical server.
  • Hyper-V Installation
    Install this virtualization technology on Windows Server 2008, including tools for remote administration.
  • Hyper-V: Gotchas
    This TechNet Wiki article includes top tips for deploying and optimizing your Hyper-V configuration.

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Network Access Protection (NAP)

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Distributed File System (DFS)

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