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  • Desktop file: Con sistemi x64
    Wes Miller - April 2007
    Una breve analisi dell'implementazione di Windows XP e Windows Server 2003 sui sistemi x64, con l'illustrazione di alcuni dei vantaggi della distribuzione e degli ostacoli che è possibile incontrare, per acquisire familiarità con il supporto, la migrazione e la distribuzione di Windows Vista x64.

  • Inside Moving Microsoft Update Downloads to x64
    Deighton Maragh and Mark W. Roellich - May • June 2006
    One of the responsibilities of the Microsoft. com operations team is to manage the infrastructure that supports the Windows Update and Microsoft Update services, which have client bases in the hundreds of millions and growing.

  • Inside Making the Move to x64
    Chris St. Amand - January • February 2006
    For many years, one of the biggest challenges faced by the Microsoft. com Web site engineers was the virtual memory limitations of the 32-bit operating system. With hundreds of different applications running on the site, there was often contention for the 2GB address limit that the front-end Web servers had to deal with.

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