Manage audiences (SharePoint Server 2010)


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Audiences in SharePoint Server 2010 are groupings of users that can be used to target content on a SharePoint Server Web site. SharePoint Server 2010 allows targeting to the list-item level or to the list level. Groupings are determined by membership in Microsoft Exchange Server distribution lists, membership in SharePoint groups, or rules that are configured by an administrator. Each audience must be compiled before content can be targeted to that audience. Compilation identifies membership in an audience by crawling the data most recently reported from the identity management system. For more information, see Compile an audience (SharePoint Server 2010).

Audience compilation cannot run during user profile synchronization.

In Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, audience rules can be based on the following information:

  • A user profile

  • Membership in an identity management system, for example, Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) or Servizi di integrazione applicativa Microsoft

  • An organization's reporting structure

Audiences are defined and contained in User Profile service applications. For more information, see Amministrazione del servizio profili utente (SharePoint Server 2010).

Nota sulla sicurezzaSecurity Note
Do not use audiences as a substitute for configuring permissions for SharePoint users and groups. For more information, see Pianificazione della sicurezza dei siti e del contenuto (SharePoint Server 2010)

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