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SMB communication

Aggiornamento: ottobre 2009

Si applica a: Windows 7

Server Message Block (SMB) communication with products prdating Windows°NT® Server°4.0 is no longer supported in Windows® 7.

Additional information

Some printers and scanners may only support the pre Windows°NT Server°4.0 RAP protocol to enumerate shares. Support for the RAP protocol has been mostly eliminated. A network-connected scanner may not find the shared folder in your computer. As a result, you cannot transfer the scanned data to your computer. This happens when the Scanner device does not support either SMB2.0 or [MS-SRVS] Server service RPC over named pipes. This behavior is by design.

Additional references

For more information on SMB behavior in Windows Server® 2008 R2, see 6 Appendix A: Product Behavior in the MSDN Library (

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