Attach and restore a read-only content database (SharePoint Foundation 2010)

SharePoint 2010

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A Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 farm in which content databases have been set to be read-only can be part of a failure recovery environment that runs against mirrored or log-shipped content databases or part of a highly available maintenance or patching environment that provides user access when another version of the farm is being updated. When you re-attach the read-only databases, they become read-write.

For more information about how to use read-only databases, see Run a farm that uses read-only databases (SharePoint Foundation 2010).

You can use only Windows PowerShell to attach and restore a read-only content database.

To attach and restore a read-only content database by using Windows PowerShell
  1. Verify that you meet the following minimum requirements: vedere Add-SPShellAdmin.

  2. On the Start menu, click All Programs.

  3. Click Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products.

  4. Click SharePoint 2010 Management Shell.

  5. At the Windows PowerShell command prompt (that is, PS C:\>), type the following command, and then press ENTER:

    Mount-SPContentDatabase -Name <Database name> -WebApplication <Web application ID> [-Verbose]

    Attaching a content database by using the Mount-SPContentDatabase cmdlet differs from attaching a database in SQL Server by using SQL Server tools. Mount-SPContentDatabase associates the content database with a Web application so that the contents can be read.

For more information, see Mount-SPContentDatabase.

Per l'esecuzione di attività amministrative dalla riga di comando è consigliabile utilizzare Windows PowerShell. Lo strumento da riga di comando Stsadm è deprecato, ma è stato incluso per garantire la compatibilità con le versioni precedenti del prodotto.