Managing personal and social features (SharePoint Server 2010)

SharePoint 2010

Si applica a: SharePoint Server 2010

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The social features available in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 help to improve collaboration by enabling users to find, share, rate, and comment on Web pages. For more information, see Panoramica sul social tagging (SharePoint Server 2010).

The personal features available in SharePoint Server 2010 enable users to create My Sites and to manage their memberships, colleagues, and user profile properties. For more information, see Panoramica dei siti personali (SharePoint Server 2010).

By default, when you create a User Profile Service Application in a SharePoint farm, the social features are enabled. You can disable these features if an organization has chosen not to use social features. This decision should be part of the planning process that determines whether and how you want to use social features in an organization.

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