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Logging and Tracing Settings

jamiejdt|Last Updated: 6/16/2016
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The Administrative Template settings for Advanced Group Policy Management (AGPM) enable you to centrally configure logging and tracing options for AGPM Servers and clients to which a Group Policy object (GPO) with these settings is applied.

The following setting is available under Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\AGPM in the Group Policy Object Editor when editing a GPO in the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC). If this path is not visible, right-click Administrative Templates, and add the agpm.admx or agpm.adm template.

Trace file locations:

  • Client: %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\AGPM\agpm.log

  • Server: %CommonAppData%\Microsoft\AGPM\agpmserv.log


AGPM Logging

If enabled, this setting configures whether tracing is turned on and the level of detail. This setting affects both client and server components of AGPM.

If disabled or not configured, this setting has no effect.

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