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How to Refresh the Publishing Servers

jamiejdt|Last Updated: 6/16/2016
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After you request access to additional applications and permission is granted by the system administrator, you must refresh the publishing information from the Application Virtualization Servers before the applications appear on your desktop. You can accomplish this directly from the Windows desktop notification area.

By default, publishing information is refreshed on user log in.

To refresh the publishing information

  1. Right-click the Application Virtualization System icon in the notification area.

  2. Select Refresh Applications from the pop-up-menu. The new shortcuts appear where designated by the system administrator—for example, on your desktop, Start menu, or Quick Launch menu, depending on the configuration of the Application Virtualization Server and your desktop.

    Following are additional ways you can refresh the publishing information from the servers:

    • Right-click the server in the Results pane, and select Refresh Server from the pop-up menu.

    • Right-click the server in the Results pane, and then select Properties from the pop-up menu. Select the Refresh tab, and then click the Refresh button.

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