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Operations for MBAM 1.0

jamiejdt|Last Updated: 6/16/2016
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This section of the Administrator’s Guide for Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM) includes information about the various types of Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring administration and operating tasks that are typically performed by an administrator. This section also includes step-by-step procedures to help you successfully perform those tasks.

Operations information

  • Administering MBAM 1.0 Features

    After you complete all necessary MBAM planning and deploying, you can configure and use MBAM features to manage enterprise BitLocker encryption. The information in this section describes post-installation day-to-day MBAM feature operations and maintenance tasks.

  • Monitoring and Reporting BitLocker Compliance with MBAM 1.0

    This section describes how to generate and understand the various MBAM reports to help you monitor the BitLocker usage and compliance activities throughout your enterprise environment.

  • Performing BitLocker Management with MBAM

    This section describes post-installation day-to-day BitLocker encryption management tasks that are accomplished by using MBAM.

  • Maintaining MBAM 1.0

    This section describes how to configure MBAM to run in a highly available manner. It also describes how to use MBAM to manage enterprise BitLocker encryption operations. The information in this section describes high availability options for MBAM, as well as how to move MBAM Server features if necessary.

  • Security and Privacy for MBAM 1.0

    This section provides an overview of MBAM security considerations and explains many of the data collection and use practices of MBAM.

  • Administering MBAM 1.0 by Using PowerShell

    This section describes the set of Windows PowerShell cmdlets that are available for administrators to perform various MBAM server tasks from the command prompt rather than from the MBAM administration website.

Other resources for MBAM operations

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