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Planning for MBAM 2.0

jamiejdt|Last Updated: 6/16/2016
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The goal of deployment planning is to successfully and efficiently deploy Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM) with the Stand-alone topology so that it does not disrupt your users or the network. If you want to install Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring with the Configuration Manager topology, see Planning to Deploy MBAM with Configuration Manager.

You should consider a number of different deployment configurations and prerequisites before you deploy MBAM. This section describes the information that you need to formulate a deployment plan that best meets your business requirements, assists you in preparing your network and computing environment, and provides the information necessary for you to properly plan to deploy MBAM features.

Planning Information

  • Preparing your Environment for MBAM 2.0

    This section describes the computing environment requirements and installation prerequisites that you should consider before beginning MBAM Setup.

  • Planning to Deploy MBAM 2.0

    This section describes the minimum hardware and software requirements for MBAM Client and Server feature installation. It also provides information about choosing an MBAM deployment topology, and lists other MBAM Server and Client planning considerations.

  • MBAM 2.0 Planning Checklist

    This section provides a planning checklist that can assist you in MBAM deployment planning.

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