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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

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The following table lists the major workflow classes found in the Microsoft.Crm.Workflow.Activity namespace. These classes are used in custom workflow activities.

CrmAttributeTargetAttributeSpecifies a required attribute of a parameter picklist or status parameter types.
CrmDefaultAttributeSpecifies an optional default value that is assign to a parameter.
CrmInputAttributeSpecifies an input parameter.
CrmOutputAttributeSpecifies an output parameter.
CrmParameterAttributeSpecifies the abstract base class used for attributes.
CrmReferenceTargetAttributeSpecifies the required attribute of a parameter for the lookup parameter type.
CrmWorkflowContains properties and methods needed to create and run a workflow in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM environment that uses the Window Workflow Foundation run-time engine.
CrmWorkflowActivityAttributeSpecifies the required attribute for every custom workflow activity class.
EntityDependencyBaseSpecifies the abstract base class for entity dependencies.
LocalParameterDependencyDescribes a local parameter dependency.
ParameterDependencyBaseSpecifies the abstract base class for parameter dependencies.
PrimaryEntityDependencyDescribes a parameter entity dependency.
RelatedEntityDependencyDescribes a related entity dependency.
SdkHelperEnables custom workflow activities to obtain an instance of a proxy that can be used to communicate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web services.

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