Outlook on the web in Exchange 2016

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적용 대상:Exchange Server 2016

Learn about administrative tasks for managing 웹에서 Outlook (Outlook Web App) in Exchange 2016.

The user interface in 웹에서 Outlook (formerly known as Outlook Web App) for Exchange Server 2016 has been optimized and simplified for use with phones and tablets. Supported web browsers give users access to more Outlook features. Unsupported web browsers give users the light version of 웹에서 Outlook that has less features. For more information about features and supported web browsers, see What's new in Outlook on the web: Upgrading from Exchange 2013 to Exchange 2016 and What's new in Outlook on the web: Upgrading from Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2016.

When you install Exchange 2016, 웹에서 Outlook is automatically available for internal users at https://<ServerName>/owa (for example, https://mailbox01.contoso.com/owa). But, you'll likely want to configure 웹에서 Outlook for external access (for example, https://mail.contoso.com/owa). For more information, see Step 4: Configure external URLs.

In an Outlook 2010 or later installation that's connected to an Exchange mailbox, you can typically see the 웹에서 Outlook URL at File > Info > Account Information in the Account Settings section.

Outlook 2016의 계정 정보 페이지

웹에서 Outlook is provided by the Client Access (frontend) services on Mailbox servers. In Exchange 2016, Client Access services are part of the Mailbox server, so you can't configure a standalone Client Access server like you could in previous versions of Exchange. For more information, see Client access protocol architecture.

If you're looking for information about 웹에서 Outlook in Office 365, see Welcome to Outlook on the web.

The configuration and management tasks that are documented for 웹에서 Outlook in Outlook 2016 are listed in the following table.


Topic Description

View or configure Outlook on the web virtual directories in Exchange 2016

View and configure the properties of 웹에서 Outlook for all users that connect to the server.

Configure http to https redirection for Outlook on the web in Exchange 2016

Redirect 웹에서 Outlook unencrypted http requests to https.

Create a theme for Outlook on the web in Exchange 2016

웹에서 Outlook comes with built-in themes that define the colors and icons that are used in 웹에서 Outlook, but you can also create your own themes.

Customize the Outlook on the web sign-in, language selection, and error pages in Exchange 2016

Customize key pages in 웹에서 Outlook.

AD FS 클레임 기반 인증을 사용 하 여 웹에서 Outlook 사용

Centralize 웹에서 Outlook authentication by using Active Directory Federation Services.