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DAX Text String Comparison
Hi guys, I'm trying to come up with a formula that will calculate the number of lines where two conditions are true. First, SLA must be either breached or achieved And the second condition must be that the "country" and SLO group must be the same (th... 더 보기
Field List Does Not Refresh - Excel 2010 PowerPivot 2012 SP2
Hello Everyone, I've asked this question on Mr Excel and had some ideas but no traction. I thought maybe someone here could help. I am having issues where the PowerPivot Field List does not refresh once I add a new table/field then select Refresh Al... 더 보기
Monthly closing balance
how can I used formula closing balance in power pivot in following Power pivot table ----------------------------------------------January Closing balance-------------------------------------------February closing balance Item code  PKt Received Qty... 더 보기

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