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ThisWorkbook.RefreshAll does not throw error but Refresh All in Data tab shows
I have data in power pivot connected to Cube. MDX statement I used was working fine earlier but now it throws some error. When I do Refresh All by clicking button in Data tab, I get error showing issue in MDX statement.   But, when I try to refresh p... 더 보기
In my data model I have a group of orders.  I arrive at the count of distinct orders with: Order Count:=COUNTROWS(DISTINCT('all sales data'[Order Number])) Result is 10,576 In the data model there are many ship via codes that contribute to three orde... 더 보기
Cubemember formula based on a specific account
I have a cubemember formula pulling categories for an excel report for various accounts.  The formula is working OK but now my boss has thrown in a wrench that a novice like me cannot do but to come here for help.  There are about 10 identical categ... 더 보기

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