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Microsoft Forefront Client Security Webcasts

View these free webcasts and get in-depth information from experts on Forefront Client Security.

A Technical Overview of Microsoft Forefront Client Security (Level 200)

Join us for a technical introduction to Microsoft Forefront Client Security, which provides unified malware protection for business desktops, laptops, and server operating systems. In this webcast, we show how Forefront Client Security works, examine its architecture, and suggest best practices for planning and deploying the product in your network. We also discuss key features in Forefront Client Security like policies, alerting, and reporting. This overview session serves as a starting point for other more in-depth sessions in our series on Forefront Client Security.

Troubleshooting Microsoft Forefront Client Security (Level 200)

In this webcast, we offer a variety of tips and techniques for troubleshooting your Microsoft Forefront Client Security installations. We provide suggestions and recommendations for troubleshooting both the new installation process and installations that are already configured and running.

Deploying Microsoft Forefront Client Security (Part 1 of 2) (Level 200)

In this two-part webcast, we walk you through the process of deploying Microsoft Forefront Client Security to help protect systems on your network from a broad range of threats. In this first part, we look at the system prerequisites needed to run Forefront Client Security, and how to plan to deploy any changes. We then show you how to deploy the Forefront Client Security software, how to determine the components you need for your particular network environment, and how to configure them once installed. In Part Two, we cover setup, configuration, and monitoring tasks.

Deploying Microsoft Forefront Client Security (Part 2 of 2) (Level 200)

In this second part of the webcast, we continue guiding you through the process of deploying Microsoft Forefront Client Security. Beginning where we left off in Part One, we show you how to set up both the Microsoft Forefront Client Security server and client software, and how to verify that the installation was successful on the target computers. We also discuss how to set up and deploy the client agents, create policies to confirm that the installation has completed, and configure Microsoft Operations Manager components to monitor Forefront Client Security.

Microsoft Malware Protection Center Overview (Level 200)

The Microsoft Malware Protection Center supplies the core malicious software (malware)-fighting technology, including the scanning engine and malware definition updates, for Microsoft Forefront Client Security, Forefront Server Security Management Console, Windows Live OneCare, Windows Defender, and other Microsoft security solutions and technologies. In this session, we provide insight into the Microsoft Malware Protection Center.