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Welcome to Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007. Configuration Manager 2007 contributes to a more effective Information Technology (IT) department by enabling secure and scalable operating system and application deployment and desired configuration management, enhancing system security, and providing comprehensive asset management of servers, desktops, and mobile devices.

Post-Setup Configuration Tasks

After Setup has run, there are still a few tasks you must perform to have a functioning Configuration Manager 2007 site. For example, a functioning site must have clients and site servers. For more information, see Checklist for Required Post Setup Configuration Tasks.

Common Configuration Manager Tasks


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If you would like to provide feedback, make a suggestion, or report an issue with Configuration Manager 2007 or with the Configuration Manager Documentation Library, you can go to the Microsoft Connect site. You can right-click any node in the Configuration Manager 2007 console and click Give Feedback, or you can go directly to the Connect site at

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