What's New in the Configuration Manager Documentation Library for December 2008

The following section describes what's new in the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Documentation Library since August 2008. The topics listed in the table are new or contain significant technical changes to Configuration Manager 2007. Topics that contain minor changes to Configuration Manager 2007 are not listed.

Planning and Deploying the Server Infrastructure for Configuration Manager 2007


Configuration Manager and Content Location (Package Source Files)

Updated to revise and clarify retry behavior when clients fail to connect to a distribution point.

Certificate Requirements for Native Mode

Updated the section for site systems with the important information that when the software update point accepts client connections from the Internet only, the certificate must contain both the Internet FQDN and the intranet FQDN.

Prerequisites for Native Mode

Updated to clarify that when a primary site is in native mode, running a child primary site in mixed mode for a sustained period of time is a supported scenario. There is no requirement that all primary sites in the hierarchy are configured for the same site mode.

Planning and Deploying Clients for Configuration Manager 2007


About Configuration Manager Client Installation Properties

Updated with the following clarifications:

  • The /native: [<native mode option>] property description has been updated to clarify when this is needed.

  • CCMSetup examples have been revised to include multiple properties when they should be used in conjunction.

  • Further clarification added to the /MP and /Source CCMSetup properties.

How to Prevent the Configuration Manager Client Software from Being Installed on Specific Computers

Information added to clarify that this procedure excludes clients from installing only when using automatic site-wide client push.

Known Limitations in Configuration Manager Support for Windows XP Embedded

Support statement added. The remote control feature is not supported on devices running Windows Embedded for Point of Service (WEPOS).

How To Configure Configuration Manager 2007


About the Network Access Account

Information about the maximum password length allowed for the network access account added.

Configuration Manager 2007 Features


About Standard and Branch Distribution Points

Updated with information about client behavior when it attempts to connect to a branch distribution point on a workstation computer and the number of concurrent sessions has been reached.

Certificate Requirements for Out of Band Management

Updated with the information that if you use an external CA to issue the AMT provisioning certificate and it cannot support the Intel object identifier for AMT provisioning, you can use an OU attribute of Intel(R) Client Setup Certificate as an alternative. The use of the OU attribute has been added to the following topics:

Prerequisites for Out of Band Management

Updated with the following clarifications:

  • The ports information clarifies that power on commands that are issued by using the out of band management console are transmitted over port TCP 16993. This information is also added to the following topic as a suggested method of avoiding power on commands across a WAN link: How to Power On or Restart a Computer Using Out of Band Management.

  • The information about using network discovery information to identify computers with management controllers clarifies that an AMT Provisioning and Discovery Account might need to be configured rather than always needs to be configured.

AMT Provisioning Issues for Out of Band Management

Updated with the correct hotfix number of 942841, which was previously incorrectly documented as 42841.

Step-by-Step Example Deployment of the PKI Certificates Required for AMT and Out of Band Management: Windows Server 2008 Certification Authority

New topic that contains example deployment procedures using a Windows Server 2008 certification authority (CA) to deploy the PKI certificates required for out of band management.

Administrator Checklist: Configure Network Access Protection for Configuration Manager

Updated for the current titles of the Network Access Protection step-by-step guides.

How to Create a Reporting Services Point for SQL Reporting Services

Updated with information about configuring a SQL Reporting Services Point when more than one instance of SQL Reporting Services is installed on the server.

Troubleshooting SQL Reporting Services Issues

Added new troubleshooting item. Re-running a displayed SQL Reporting Services report after changing its properties does not refresh the display of the report in the Configuration Manager console

Overview of Remote Tools

Support statement added. Remote tools are not supported on computers running 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows XP or Windows Server 2003.

Script Setting Properties: General Tab

Desired Configuration Management topic updated with information about how to use the value returned by a script to assess compliance on client computers.

Security and Privacy for Configuration Manager 2007


Ports Used by Configuration Manager

Updated the section “Installation Requirements for Internet-Based Site Systems” with the information about using the Microsoft RPC configuration tool (rpccfg.exe) to configure a limited range of ports for the RPC packets that are used when installing Internet-based site systems and installing packages onto Internet-based distribution points.

Overview of Configuration Manager Cryptographic Controls

Updated the section “Cryptographic Algorithms Used in Configuration Manager” with information that for most cryptographic operations, Configuration Manager uses SHA-1, SHA-2 and 3DES algorithms from the Windows CryptoAPI library rsaenh.dll.

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