Web Application Proxy Cmdlets

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적용 대상: Windows 10 Technical Preview, Windows Server Technical Preview

Windows PowerShell IT(정보 기술) 전문가를 위한 이 참조 항목에서는 태스크를 스크립팅하고 자동화하는 Windows PowerShell cmdlet 사용에 대한 지원 정보를 제공합니다.

Web Application Proxy cmdlets in Windows PowerShell

This reference provides cmdlet descriptions and syntax for all cmdlets. It lists the cmdlets in alphabetical order based on the verb at the beginning of the cmdlet.

On Windows Server 2012 R2, you can’t download and install Help for WebApplicationProxy because of a Help file that already exists in the folder to which Update-Help copies files. You can instead view the Help on this webpage, or you can follow these instructions to manually delete the file that is causing the problem.  You must have Administrator rights to perform these steps. This issue will be fixed in a future release of Windows.

  1. Browse to the folder:   C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPower\v1.0\Modules\WebApplicationProxy\en-US

  2. Find the file Microsoft.IdentityServer.ApplicationProxy.Management.PowerShell.dll-help.xml

  3. Right-click the file, then click Properties.

  4. On the Security tab, click Advanced.

  5. Next to Owner, click Change.

  6. Click Locations, select your local computer, and then click OK.

  7. Enter Administrators, and then click OK twice.

  8. Back on the File Properties page, click Edit.

  9. Select Administrators, then click Allow next to Full Control.

  10. Click OK, click Yes to acknowledge the warning, and then click OK to close the Properties dialog.

  11. You can now delete the file, or allow Update-Help WebApplicationProxy to overwrite it.

If you remove the feature, and then reinstall it by using Server Manager or the Dism command-line tool, the original Help file is replaced, and you must repeat these steps.


Cmdlet Description


Publishes a web application through .


Gets published web applications.


Retrieves a list of available relying parties configured on a federation server.


Retrieves global settings.


Gets the health status of the server.


Gets binding information for the SSL certificate for federation server proxy.


Configures on the server.


Removes web applications published in .


Modifies settings of a web application published through .


Modifies the configuration settings of a server.


Installs an SSL certificate for a federation server proxy.


Configures the SSL endpoint listeners that correspond to the UPN suffixes.

To list all the cmdlets that are available, use the Get-Command –Module WebApplicationProxy cmdlet.

cmdlet에 대한 자세한 내용이나 해당 구문을 확인하려면 Get-Help <cmdlet 이름> cmdlet을 사용하세요. 여기서 <cmdlet 이름>은 연구할 cmdlet의 이름입니다. 자세한 내용을 보려면 다음 cmdlet을 실행할 수 있습니다.

Get-Help <cmdlet 이름> -Detailed
Get-Help <cmdlet 이름> -Examples
Get-Help <cmdlet 이름> -Full

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