Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.MultiServerConnection 네임스페이스

The Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.MultiServerConnection namespace is used by the Transact-SQL Editor window to manage connections to instances of the SQL Server 데이터베이스 엔진.

  클래스 설명
공용 클래스 MultiServerSqlConnectionInfo Contains SQL Server connection information that is used by Transact-SQL query editors.
공용 클래스 NonQueryResult Represents the results from a call to the ExecuteNonQuery method.
공용 클래스 ResultInfo Represents the results from executing a Transact-SQL batch.
공용 클래스 ServerMessageEventArgs Provides information about a server message event.

  인터페이스 설명
공용 인터페이스 IResultInfo Represents the execution results of a batch of Transact-SQL statements.
공용 인터페이스 IUpdateConnectionProperties The IUpdateConnectionProperties interface defines methods and properties that are used for updating the editor property objects.

  대리자 설명
공용 대리자 QeStatementCompletedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the statement completed events.