ServerMessageEventArgs 클래스

Provides information about a server message event.


네임스페이스:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.MultiServerConnection
어셈블리:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.MultiServerConnection(Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.MultiServerConnection.dll)

public class ServerMessageEventArgs : EventArgs, 

ServerMessageEventArgs 유형에서 다음 멤버를 표시합니다.

공용 메서드ServerMessageEventArgsInitializes a new instance of the ServerMessageEventArgs class.
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공용 속성BatchStartingLineGets the starting line of the batch in the editor.
공용 속성BatchTextGets the text of the Transact-SQL batch that was executed.
공용 속성CompletedSuccessfullyGets true if execution was successful, false if there was an exception.
공용 속성ConnectionInfoGets the connection info of the connection producing the result.
공용 속성ErrorsGets the messages that were returned by the server.
공용 속성ExceptionGets the exception that was thrown while executing the Transact-SQL batch.
공용 속성ExecutionTimeGets the amount of client wall-time it took to get the result back from the server.
공용 속성LoginNameGets the name of the login executing the batch.
공용 속성ServerDisplayNameGets the display name of the server where the batch was executed.
공용 속성ServerNameGets the name of the server where the batch was executed.
공용 속성StartTimeGets the time when the batch was submitted.
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