IResolvedExtendedStoredProcedureSynonym 인터페이스

Represents a synonym resolved to an extended stored procedure.

네임스페이스:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.SqlParser.Metadata
어셈블리:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.SqlParser(Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.SqlParser.dll)

public interface IResolvedExtendedStoredProcedureSynonym : IResolvedSynonym, 
	IExtendedStoredProcedure, ICallableModule, IUserDefinedFunctionModuleBase, IFunctionModuleBase, ISchemaOwnedObject, 
	IDatabaseObject, IMetadataObject

IResolvedExtendedStoredProcedureSynonym 유형에서 다음 멤버를 표시합니다.

공용 속성ExecutionContextGets the IExecutionContext object that specifies the module execution context. (IUserDefinedFunctionModuleBase에서 상속됨)
공용 속성IsEncryptedGets a value that indicates whether the module is encrypted. (IUserDefinedFunctionModuleBase에서 상속됨)
공용 속성IsSystemObjectGets a value that indicates whether this is a system object. (IDatabaseObject에서 상속됨)
공용 속성ModuleTypeGets the module type. (ICallableModule에서 상속됨)
공용 속성NameGets the name of the metadata object. (IMetadataObject에서 상속됨)
공용 속성ParametersGets a collection that contains the parameters that the function or module accepts. (IFunctionModuleBase에서 상속됨)
공용 속성ParentGets the IDatabaseObject object that is the parent of this object. (IDatabaseObject에서 상속됨)
공용 속성ReturnTypeGets the scalar data type of the module return value. (ICallableModule에서 상속됨)
공용 속성SchemaGets the ISchema object that owns this object. (ISchemaOwnedObject에서 상속됨)
공용 속성SynonymGets the synonym the object was resolved from. (IResolvedSynonym에서 상속됨)
공용 속성TargetObjectGets the target object of a synonym.
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공용 메서드Accept<T>(IDatabaseObjectVisitor<T>)Accepts a visit from the specified IDatabaseObjectVisitor<T> object. (IDatabaseObject에서 상속됨)
공용 메서드Accept<T>(IMetadataObjectVisitor<T>)Accepts a visit from the specified IMetadataObjectVisitor<T> object. (IMetadataObject에서 상속됨)
공용 메서드Accept<T>(ISchemaOwnedObjectVisitor<T>)Accepts a visit from the specified ISchemaOwnedObjectVisitor<T> object. (ISchemaOwnedObject에서 상속됨)
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