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  이름 설명
공용 메서드 정적 멤버 CreateSqlOlapConnectionInfoBase Creates the Data Transformation Services (DTS) connection information object.
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  이름 설명
명시적 인터페이스 구현 전용 메서드 IServerType.GenerateImage Returns a newly-instantiated icon that is displayed in the Registered Servers tree.
명시적 인터페이스 구현 전용 메서드 IServerType.GenerateUserControl Returns a newly-instantiated user control that is displayed on the Connection Properties tab of the advanced view of the connection dialog box.
명시적 인터페이스 구현 전용 메서드 IServerType.GetConnectionObject Returns a new IDbConnection object that is based on the passed UIConnectionInfo object.
명시적 인터페이스 구현 전용 메서드 IServerType.LoadPersonalizationInfo Loads any personalization information that was saved upon successful connection by using SavePersonalizationInfo. The personalization information is uniquely identified by a combination of server type, server name, authentication type, and user name.
명시적 인터페이스 구현 전용 메서드 IServerType.ProceedWithConnection Indicates whether the connection can continue, or whether the connection dialog box should remain on the screen.
명시적 인터페이스 구현 전용 메서드 IServerType.SavePersonalizationInfo Saves personalization information that may be needed for subsequent uses of the connection dialog box, such as the server type, server name, authentication type, and user name.
명시적 인터페이스 구현 전용 메서드 IServerType2.CustomBrowseAction Executes when the user browses in the server combo.
명시적 인터페이스 구현 전용 메서드 IServerType2.CustomNewDatabaseAction Executes when users selects the NewDatabaseAction object in the server combo.
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