ScriptAndResultsEditorControl 필드

ScriptAndResultsEditorControl 유형에서 다음 멤버를 표시합니다.

  이름 설명
보호된 필드 fedRootName Specifies the name of the root federation.
보호된 필드 isCloudDatabase Determines whether SQL Server Management Studio is currently connected to a SQL Azure server.
보호된 필드 isFedMemAttrChecked A Boolean value that indicates whether the federation member attribute is checked.
공용 필드 정적 멤버 isProjectDebugging A Boolean value that indicates whether the project is debugging.
보호된 필드 m_connection Cached connection that is associated with the window.
보호된 필드 m_connectionInfoList Cached connection info that is used in communication with the connection dialog box.
보호된 필드 m_connectionToUse Connection information that should be applied to the window after it is fully initialized, unless it is stamped with another connection.
보호된 필드 m_dtExecBegan Member to store at the beginning of script execution.
보호된 필드 m_scriptSplitter Splitter to horizontally separate script and other elements.
보호된 필드 m_timeElapsedTimer Timer for updating properties window with elapsed time during query execution.
보호된 필드 shardName Specifies the shard name.
보호된 필드 statusBar Status bar.
보호된 필드 sysShardName Specifies the system shard name.
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