SnapshotGenerationAgent.BcpBatchSize 속성

Gets or set the number of rows to send to the Distributor in a bulk copy operation.

네임스페이스:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Replication
어셈블리:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Replication(Microsoft.SqlServer.Replication.dll)

public int BcpBatchSize { get; set; }

속성 값

유형: System.Int32
A Int32 value that represents the batch size.



When performing a bcp in operation, the value of BcpBatchSize determines the number of rows to send to the server as one transaction, and also the number of rows that must be sent before the Distribution Agent logs a bcp progress message. When performing a bcp out operation, a fixed batch size of 1000 is used.

Setting a value of 0 for BcpBatchSize means that no messages are logged.