Verify Replication of Forest Preparation


마지막으로 수정된 항목: 2014-02-14

To confirm that the replication of the Global Catalog and the creation of objects during Forest Preparation have been successful, do the following:

  1. On a domain controller (preferably in a remote site from the other domain controllers), in the forest where the Forest Preparation was run, open Active Directory Users and Computers.

  2. In Active Directory Users and Computers, expand the domain name of your forest or a child domain.

  3. Click the Users container on the left side pane and look for the Universal group CsAdministrator in the right side pane. If CsAdministrator (among eight other new Universal groups that begin with Cs) is present, replication of the Forest Preparation has been successful.

  4. If the group(s) is not yet present, you can force the replication or wait 15 minutes and refresh the right side pane. When the groups are present, replication is complete.

If you want to review the log files that are created by the Lync Server 배포 마법사, you can find them on the computer where the Deployment Wizard was run, in the Users directory of the Active Directory 도메인 서비스 user who ran the step. For example, if the user logged in as the domain administrator in the domain, the log files are located in: